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The spirit of enterprise
Participate in, make concerted effort team style, take responsibility of the master spirit.
Development - development of products, and constantly development of the company products field, continuous development of the company's products technology.
improve - in participation and based on the development of improve the company's brand level, improve the staff's welfare.

enterprise concept
innovation, lack of innovation spirit, had to average survival.
Competition - lightning rapidly, a sword, a tsunami, as power.
Market, create the market, create demand, create opportunities, create value.
Management -- listening to, the emotional communication, more friendship, more communication.
Products for the market, born to the market, and the production, market and innovation, as the market and create.
Service - sincerely touched everyone, persistence conquer each heart.
Cooperation - more cooperation friends, less a rival, a sincere friendship sincerely, starts from me.

enterprise target An orderly, specification of each employee's responsibility, to regulate the behavior of each employee's work and regulate the operation procedure, reach the work smooth clear and orderly.
Rigorous efficient - each employee to his serious and responsible work, strict requirements, so as to improve the work efficiency, improve the economic efficiency